Fertility Focused Psychotherapy will help a couple identify and process feelings triggered by the diagnosis and its impact on all aspects of their life. This may be the first time in a couple’s life that their life plans have not materialized as expected. This life crisis elicits profound feelings of grief, fear, anger, and confusion. Also, it demands more than the available coping skills.

Specific areas of focus include how the medical workup and interventions prescribed to promote conception can disrupt their sexual relationship. The focus on conceiving can displace needs for tenderness, emotional connection, and shared pleasure.

Couples will learn skills and strategies that highlight self-care and nurturance of the relationship.  They will be supported in thinking through options that lead to parenthood.  Those who choose to undergo ART (artificial reproductive technology)  will be helped to understand the  vocabulary and sort through information regarding complex decisions that need to be made. 

Through the process of psychotherapy, couples find their path  to becoming parents and building a family.  As importantly, they re-establish a sense of psychological well-being and confidence that they can meet their needs and life goals.

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