Parenting can be a challenging as well as a creative and joyful experience.  Parents love their child , a being full of potential waiting to be realized by way attachment and pleasure in moment to moment connections.  At times, parents can be stressed and even overwhelmed with trying to understand what their child needs or wants. After all, parents are not born with expertise in child development and how to promote it.

Beliefs and attitudes about how to parents are shaped by what we learned, witnessed or experienced at home as children growing up with our parents.  Some of us also had access to observing different styles of parenting in our friends’ families, or through reading and the media.  Cultural attitudes also contributed to ideas about parenting,  For example, the only requirement needed to be a good parent is to love your child.  If only it were so simple!

The good news is that we can learn the wisdom and skills required to raise  healthy children with good self esteem ,confidence in their abilities to form healthy relationships and meet their needs and life goals. 

At the times that are difficult and perhaps feel like “too much”,   a consultation with a Child and Family Psychotherapist can be helpful and often pivotal in promoting development and quality of life for parent and child. 

For a more in depth explanation of this, please read here (link).